Stable-Isotope labelled


Stable-isotope labeled compounds used as internal standards provide the best method to correct for competing ionization processes when you use mass spectroscopy (LCMS, GCMS, MS/MS) to analyse real-world samples.

Stable isotope labelling, especially in conjunction with mass spectrometry, plays an important role in the research leading to and the development of therapeutic agents.

Internal standards for GC-MS assays, substrates for metabolism and biosynthesis studies, derivatisation reagents for metabolite structure determination, drugs with increased metabolic stability -labelling with stable isotopes has been found to afford each of the above.

CHEMAZ offers an extensive range of stable isotope labelled standards includes 2H (Deuterium or D), 13C, 15N and 18O., as well as products with multiple and varied labelling patterns, enabling you to select the most appropriate internal standard to meet your needs and can improve accuracy and precision of your analyses by enabling reliable recovery correction and compensating for matrix effects.

To provide the clearest results, we strive to provide compounds that minimize overlap between isotopic ions in the naturally occurring target compound and the labeled internal standard.

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